A wine oasis in the center of beautiful Helsinki!

Wines are all about stories. You’´ll find them linked to a glass of wine or a full bottle. All wines in the Wine House selection have a story. Unique wineries, results of decades of growing wines, persons creating the nuances. Get a taste of these stories and create your own ones together with your friends.

Wines from all over

All our wines have one common factor, quality – regardless of where they come from. We are all individuals, as are our wines. Our staff informs and advices which wine will match your wishes and taste. We encourage to ask and discuss – there are always stories when it comes to wine.

All our wines are carefully selected; that is why there are only limited quantities of certain wines. As the selection is replaced and changed, it is recommended that you pop in every now and then to explore, try and taste.

Wines are all about stories

Nibbles together with a glass of wine