”As you can’t go the Italian Alps, there is always the possibility to get the feeling of Italian flavors at Casa. My favorite dish is the vegetarian lasagna, accompanied by a glass of Francesco Rinaldo’s Gavi. This white wine made of Cortese grapes comes from Piemonte. In addition to the tastes, the best at Casa is the atmosphere created by the spontaneous people. I’m proud of the wall paintings in the Wine House – I wish I could have painted them myself. You are welcome to admire them and enjoy the feeling.”


”Ciao a tutti, from a Neapolitan moved Finland in 2006 because of Nokia and who decided to bring a true piece of Italy in the heart of Helsinki in 2014… and this is how Casa ITALIA started. Love for high quality products, search for hidden gems, combining the ingredients to the wines… little treasures from small but amazing producers, directly from the vineyards to Bulevardi.

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Lionel Messi alias Leo

”My favorite spot at Casa is the doorstep. No-one can pass me unnoticed. When I show my most moving look, there is always a possibility to have a nice treat. There has been a lot of various yummies – above all the meats and sausages make my mouth water. I’m always the one responsible of the cleanliness of the house, I’m trying to do a good job by licking all around. I have a big affection for football, you can figure it out by hearing my name. Come in to say hello, I’m on duty frequently.”