The Italians know how to do it – as do we!

The Casa Italia Deli is groaning with delicacies selected from the top-ingredients in the best areas in Italy. You´ll always get fresh and tasty meals to go, or to be enjoyed on the spot. The Deli counter offers varying experiences, based on season, supply and popularity. Including, of course, olive oil, grissini, olives, pasta and dried delicacies which are popular and appreciated presents.

Try our various cheeses: parmesan, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino and several other of the best products for a cheese table.

If you are a meat lover, Deli offers you a mouth-watering selection: prosciutto, bresaola, various salamis and sausages. Please, visit us to see what we recommend today.

Several of these Italian delicacies are provided only by us!


Lunch, dinner, nice snacks

You are welcome to feast at Deli at any time of the day. The lunch can be enjoyed in the Deli or to go. Just now the favorite is the extremely tasty lasagna. We provide also delicious, generous salads – they can be grabbed quickly to go.

Wine matching the food – and vice versa

A combination of wine and food respecting them both is the perfect pleasure of taste. We consider this to be our point of honor. Ask our staff about recommendations – we are pleased to help and tell the stories connected to the delicacies and wines.